These are books I recommend for the various subjects I blog about.  Sometimes books will appear in multiple subjects because they cover more than one topic.  I do not totally agree with everything in every book, but I recommend these as good intros and/or studies.  An asterisk (*) denotes an advanced reading level and/or familiarity with certain theological/philosophical subjects.

The Orthodox Way - Kallistos Ware


Holy Spirit

Scripture and the Authority of God - NT Wright
Inspiration and Incarnation - Peter Enns
The Blue Parakeet - Scot McKnight

Four Views on Hell - Various Contributors
Three Views on the Millennium - Various Contributors

Hermeneutics:  An Introduction - Anthony Thiselton
Searching For Meaning:  An Introduction to Interpreting the New Testament - Paula Gooder
Scripture:  An Ecumenical Introduction - Various Contributors
Interpreting the Bible: A Handbook of Terms and Methods - W. Randolph Tate (Author)
Biblical Hermeneutics:  5 Views* - Various Contributors
Hermeneutics:  A Reader* - William Yarchin

Church History
Church History in Plain Language, 3rd Edition - Bruce L. Shelly
Zondervan Handbook to the History of Christianity - Jonathan Hill
What Christians Believe:  An Overview of Theology and Its Biblical and Historical Development - Alan Johnson and Robert Webber

The Living Paul - Anthony Thiselton
Paul:  In Fresh Perspective* - NT Wright
Paul and the Stoics* - Troels Engberg-Pedersen
The Evolution of Adam* - Peter Enns

The King Jesus Gospel - Scot McKnight



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